Looking for a new science project?  Or a pet that no other kid has?  How about a fun and exciting project as well?  Then Triassic Triops are perfect for you.  Itís the science project that comes to life!

Over 208 million years ago, even before dinosaurs ruled the earth, there was the Triassic Period. 


Triops are animals from Triassic period that lay eggs (just like most fishes). The surprising part is that the Triops egg can remain out of the water for many years and it still will hatch and produce baby Triops.

    These little 3 eyed acrobatic creatures live in water and can double in size each day until their full adult size is reached.  


Omnivorous crustaceans are similar to a miniature horseshoe crab that can be found in oceans today.  With these creatures we are letting you bring the Triassic Period to your own home!


Triops are perfect for your science project.  Following are some of the questions that can be investigated as the subject of your science project.


  1. How long it takes the eggs to hatch?

  2. How big can they grow?

  3. What the best climate and water temperature is for them.

  4. How long is their life span?

  5. What condition is best for growing Triops?

Material and equipment:

  • Triops eggs

  • Clear plastic or glass tank

  • Thermometer

  • Triops food

  • Lamp to provide light and heat

  • Gravel

  • Magnifying glass/ ruler

Triops eggs,  food, water conditioner and instructions is available at for $7.50.

This is a good science project for ages 8 to 16.


  1. Rinse your tank with distilled water.  You can use spring water if distilled water is not available.  Never use tap water!  It is toxic to them because of chlorine that is used to disinfect water. 

  2. Fill your tank with distilled water.  Spring water can be used if distilled water is not available.  Never use tap water.

  3. Place a thermometer in the tank. If you are using a stick-on thermometer, Peel off the back of the thermometer and attach it to the outside of the tank.  Check the temperature frequently.

  4. Do not close the lid of the tank or cut a 2-inch whole in the lid to permit fresh air to reach the Triops.

  5. Place the tank in a undisturbed spot where it can maintain a constant water          temperature between 74-80 degrees.  The tank should be exposed to direct sunlight and/or a cool fluorescent lamp placed about 10 inches away from the tank.  If possible leave the lamp on at least 12 hours a day. 

  6. Make sure the tank water temperature is in the correct range and then add your Triops eggs.  As the Triops are in the water be sure to check the temperature every morning to make sure the tank is not too hot or too cold. check  the temperature again midday. 

If you are buying Triops eggs or a complete Triops growth kit from, More in depth directions are provided in your package.

This basic Triops package includes more than 20 triops eggs, plus Triops food, water conditioner and instruction sheet. $7.50


This standard Triops kit includes more than 20 eggs, plus Triops food, water conditioner, tank, thermometer and an instruction booklet. $12.50


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